There have been perhaps 20 members of the band over the course of its 25+ year career. This is a small cross section of the musicians who have been involved over the years.

These interviews were conducted over the past year. Others may be included eventually. Thanks to the members of the band for their time, and extra thanks to Mike DeCapite for his great interview with Tony Maimone, and Sam Worrad for his David Thomas interview.


Further information on Pere Ubu can be found at:

The Band's Site
There's an extremely thorough outline of the bands history, information on what's going on with the band currently, and much more. It's actually 2 sites for some highly arbitrary reason that perhaps you can get David to explain.

All Music Guide
Their bio is a good summary, but the name of the game here is cross-referencing.

Cleveland Punk
Just what it sounds like---this site gives you a broader view of what was going on in Cleveland around the time Pere Ubu came up, as well as what's been going on since.

Electric Eels site
A fine band that for a while contained Jim Jones. This is the gateway unto many other Eel-oriented things, but if I were in your shoes, I'd start with the following:

Electric Fucking Eels site
This site is the most fun that can be had with the <blink> tag. It's owned and operated by John "Broken Rocket" Morton.

Jaguar Ride
This is where Brian McMahon keeps his errata. He's posting bits of his as-of-yet-unpublished manuscript here, called Jaguar Ride, and it's a fine read. If you have any interest in this band or even why this era was the way it was I HIGHLY RECOMMEND perusing at least a few chapters. Find him a publisher and win a prize.