Much of the non-Ubu material discussed on this site is difficult or impossible to find. The box set goes a long way towards addressing this, giving fans a sampling of what was going on at the time, and hopefully this page will extend that.

More songs will be added as they are made available to me.

Thanks to everybody involved for allowing me to post their material here. The artists retain all of the applicable copyrights, and of course all of this is intended to illustrate the careers of those involved, and not for sale in any form. Go by the albums---really. At the very least it'd do you some good to get up from in front of the computer and go for a walk.

All songs encoded at 96kbs/44khz. CD quality is a myth anyway. And why are CDs now the high water mark?


Ubu rarities:
Worlds In Collsion
Robert Gets and F
Fly's Eye

From an Ubu performance on NPR's short-lived music show, Anthem, aired in the Spring of '99. Throughout the program, David appologized repeatedly for tainting NPR's otherwise respectable airwaves and ruining the host's (Rick Karr) career. Some of this is tacked on to the end of Fly's Eye, which closed the show. A few months after this episode aired, the show was, indeed, cancelled. Rick Karr was last spotted in a urine-stained box on the O'Hare line, but claimed to have some relatives who would look after him if he could just borrow 20 cents to get out to their house.

"Robert Gets and F" is a brief snippet of the interview, in which Mr Wheeler explains about his theremin and his electronics class. He did not get an F on this project, but instead a much more respectable B, and any slanderous implications this title may have regarding his academic achievement are on my shoulders.

The most recent recording by the band.


Tripod Jimmie:
While I Wasn't Looking

Tom Herman's post-Ubu project, with the undeniable Lenny Bove. "Serenade" was issued as part of a compilation, and "While I Wasn't Looking" is from their first time in a recording studio, issued in 1995 on "Unclaimed Freight". While the later isn't necessarily representative of the band's sound, it's a great example of Tom's guitar stylings.



Eric Drew Feldman's latest project is a collaboration with Laurie Hall of Ovarian Trolley fame.

  Home and Garden:
Scott Krauss' current project.